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Compass chronicles the misadventures of those who attempted to perfect the magnetic compass"so precious to sixteenth-century seamen that, by law, any man found tampering with it had his hand pinned to the mast with a dagger. From the time man first took to the seas until only one thousand years ago, sight and winds were the sailor's only navigational aids. It was not until the development of the compass that maps and charts could be used with any accuracy"even so, it would be hundreds of years and thousands of shipwrecks before the marvelous instrument was perfected. And its history up to modern times is filled with the stories of disasters that befell sailors who misused it. In this page-turning history of man's search for reliable navigation of treacherous sea routes around the globe, Alan Gurney brings to life the instrument Victor Hugo called "the soul of the ship." Compass: A Story Of Exploration And Innovation Image
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This compass a story of exploration and innovation, and you will certainly need a Map and Compass. Easy Compass is the best app you can look for, its really small and low memory consuming. SO with this Compass Free you are on the way. Remember this Compass points NORTH, this does NOT point west.

Read "Compass: A Story of Exploration and Innovation" by Alan Gurney available from Rakuten Kobo. "The compass's rocky evolution is charted with an enthusiast's passion…A fascinating adventure." —Bernadette Murphy, Los...


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