Fang Gang 1 (Step Into Reading: Step 1) eBook

El libro Fang Gang 1 (Step Into Reading: Step 1) en formato PDF. El libro Fang Gang 1 (Step Into Reading: Step 1) en formato MOBI. El libro Fang Gang 1 (Step Into Reading: Step 1) en formato ePUB. El libro fue escrito en 2004 por el autor Roy Apps. Disfruta leyendo con el sitio web
Goolish is suffering a bit of an identity crisis. After hundreds of years of ghouls, spectres, vampires, mummies, zombies and all manner of spectral folk living happily alongside one another, so-called 'ordinary' people have started to move to the town - attracted by the cheap houses and country life. The Fang Gang are working hard to develop their gruesome skills in an effort to foster good relations between the new residents of Goolish and their grisly neighbours. But things don't always go as planned. With a new recruit to the gang, perhaps things will go a little more smoothly. Or, perhaps not as Johnathan is about to find out. Fang Gang 1 (Step Into Reading: Step 1) Image
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